Kailas Companies | Real Estate Development & Management

Founded in 1990 by C. Mohan Kailas, Kailas Companies is one of Louisiana’s top owner/operators of commercial property today. Kailas Companies prides itself as one of the most established and respected commercial real estate companies in the state of Louisiana.

Relying on the experience and dedication of its staff and the satisfaction of its tenants, the company now owns and manages over two million square feet of building space. Its portfolio spans numerous facets of property; from land, warehouses, office space, to residential apartments and condominiums. A wealth of creativity, disciplined risk management and drive enable Kailas Companies to expand while maintaining stable growth over the past twenty five years.

Kailas Companies prides itself on excellence in property evaluation, market expertise, strict risk analysis, and strong community and professional relationships. The company’s investment strategy is long-term and sets a strong foundation for the years to come. It specializes in adding value to properties that are under-performing, covering all facets of commercial property. The development team is extremely conservative and will not embark on projects without the utmost confidence in their success. Through this philosophy, Kailas Companies excelled and emerged as one of the top owner/operator in its market.

Today, Kailas Companies owns and manages an array of residential, commercial and retail properties. Below are some highlighted properties: