New Orleans has a rich and colorful history. The city’s unique past twins with its reputation for being a bit wild and crazy. But NOLA wears its weirdness well. New Orleans’ eccentricities, past and present, can be found on full display inside the city’s many museums. The city boasts some of the oddest museums you’ll find anywhere in the country, and many of them conveniently located in the French Quarter. Let’s take a closer look at some of these oddballs:


  1. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum 

    new-orleans-pharmacy-museumModern pharmacy exists today thanks to the work of New Orleanian Lous A. Dufilho, the country’s first licensed pharmacist. New Orleans’ Pharmacy Museum is dedicated to the history of pharmacology and prescriptions. Not only is this museum a local favorite, it also finds itself on the National List of Historic places, making it a great destination for history buffs. The exhibition features antique bottles of opium, old medical instruments, and even voodoo potions.

  2. New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum


    Although it originated in Haiti, voodoo–a religion born of an amalgam of different beliefs in West Africa–was codified in New Orleans. This museum features authentic altars, candles, crosses, and skeletons. Its exhibits teach visitors about voodoo’s traditions and legends, offering a fascinating narrative of these customs as they relate to the city. You can even buy your own voodoo doll in the Voodoo Museum gift shop.

  3. The Great American Alligator Museum


    The alligator has been associated with Louisiana for a long time, so it’s no surprise that New Orleans features a museum dedicated to this unique creature. The museum’s centerpiece is a 14-foot alligator name Fideaux, but even more intriguing is its 50-million-year-old alligator fossil. Additionally, the museum displays deformed gator heads, 100 years’ worth of antique alligator postcards and gator memrobilia, gator video games, vintage fashions, toys (anyone remember Gator Golf?), and more. Note that the museum is home of “the largest collection of alligator ashtrays and salt and pepper shakers in the USA.”

  4. Touchstone Wildlife & Art Museum


    If you enjoy perusing dead, taxidermied animals, then the Touchstone Museum is a wonderful menagerie to visit. This museum in Shreveport houses more than a thousand stuffed animals, all of them thoughtfully posed in dioramas of their natural habitats. Lions and tigers and bears, you name it. The Touchstone Wildlife & Art Museum features an entire zoo of exotic, albeit deceased, creatures.

  5. The Museum of Death


    Perhaps the gravest place on our list, this museum caters to the macabre among us. Those who are fascinated by why and how we die are dying to visit this museum. Visitors are shown the many ways in which human beings depart this life, from graphic photos of deadly car accidents to depictions of crime scenes and morgues. The collection also includes body bags, coffins, and skulls galore. Got time to kill after your tour? Consider checking out the nearby NCIS – New Orleans Set, the Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium, or the Pharmacy Museum.

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