Got social media skills? If so, you’re worth your weight in gold to any real estate business.

According to the Urban Land Institute, “Real estate companies that can harness the power of social media to manage and market property will gain enormous advantage” over laggards in this area. Real estate professionals who know how to leverage social media’s utility are, like the buildings and land they work with, valuable assets within the industry.

If you work in real estate and you don’t know what a strategic and consistent social media presence looks like, this post is for you. In our opinion, these are the people in real estate who are killing it on social media right now.


Chris-RichieChris Richie 

Chris Richie currently works for Boston Logic, a real estate marketing and technology firm. If you can, browse through Chris Richie’s social media properties. Chris’ activity on social media reflects his knowledge of responsive design. This is especially evident on Twitter, where Chris excels at curating real estate content that is both relevant and interesting to read.

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Ines Hegedus-GarciaInes Hegedus-Garcia

Ines Hegedus-Garcia is the Founding Partner of, one of the first realty teams in South Florida to capitalize on internet marketing. As an architect, Ines Hegedus-Garcia’s knowledge of design informs her work as a realtor. Helping others buy and sell real estate, she says, is similar to the way an architect realizes an artistic vision and plans for its construction. On social media, she makes effective use of visual imagery.

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Jay-ThompsonJay Thompson 

Jay Thompson, Director of Industry Outreach at Zillow and Founder of, is among real estate’s brightest. The work he does is truly innovative. Basically, Jay is the James Brown of the Real Estate blogosphere and a master of digital analytics. He excels at developing: developing websites, developing people, developing companies, developing ideas. Zillow’s growth into the industry’s leading digital real estate marketplace is the result of Jay’s work. Jay’s online presence suggests he understands how real estate blogging benefits his business IRL.

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seth-priceSeth Price

Put simply, Seth Price is the grand master of online marketing for real estate. His contributions when it comes to real estate tech automation tools have had a significant impact on the industry. Price defines online success for real estate professionals and his work aims to understand how to create and achieve that success. To that extent, he sets the bar high. Very high. Check out Seth’s blog posts on, or listen to MarketingGenius, his podcast.

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Anita-ClarkAnita Clark

Anita specializes in residential real estate sales and is an expert on the real estate market and community in central Georgia. Her engagement on social media is her biggest strength, as is her presence on Facebook. On the internet, her involvement in real estate communities can be seen via her many thoughtful comments and exchanges with others in the industry. She maximizes the impact of her Facebook community pages and also does a model job re-purposing content for Pinterest and Slideshare.

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Mike-SimonsenMike Simonsen

Mike Simonsen is the CEO & Co-founder of Altos Research. Considering Mike has a reputation as real estate’s big data guru, his photography skills may surprise to you. Perhaps it’s his background in analytics and logic, or his fascination with order, but his skills as a photographer are impressive. From the way he employs visual design and photography on social media, it’s evident that Mike Simonsen uses his knowledge of data and numbers to understand architecture and real estate’s place in the world.

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Sherry-ChrisSherry Chris

No one understands the role of technology in real estate better than Sherry Chris. Her biggest strength? She really knows and can anticipate what consumers want. Sherry Chris is a kind of visionary when it comes to real estate content marketing. Before it was commonplace, she foresaw that real estate businesses could be lifestyle brands. She saw an opportunity for her business to create social media content surrounding the fantasy phase of real estate shopping, that touched on subject matter like interior design and color.

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